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Casino Games To Win Money

One of the big debates about online scr88 Malaysia casino games is whether it is worth playing for no real money. We know that casinos like 888 casinos offer all kinds of games in “practice” format, which means that you can play blackjack, roulette or slot machines for free at

However, it seems that without the bonus of making money there is no point in playing, especially playing slots, but in the numerous promotions both in general and in particular – for example, exclusive bonuses to Narcos slots – free games are an excellent option for online casino players who are overcome by the increasing number of slots, where an endless number of providers constantly present games and it is very difficult to know them all. So to learn how all of them work, their bonuses, special games (mini-games), or payments, it is recommended to try them in the free versions.

How to make money playing blackjack

Well, basically, with the information that we have been offering in this blog about online blackjack, it is clear that the only decent system is to count cards and use the Basic Strategy or Basic Strategy to make our decisions in each hand. And is that blackjack, a game that is also called “21” is the only casino game that has a system that has been able to demonstrate its validity when dramatically reducing the house edge; even at the time of manual deals, the advantage was passed to the player.

How to win playing roulette

Although how to play roulette is relatively simple if we want to just hang out, learning how to win at roulette in different ways and knowing all the systems that have been tried to make money playing roulette is a much more complicated task. Without a doubt, the easiest way to do this is to give up American roulette and focus on European roulette.

How to make money with slot machines

Can you win at slots or online slots? Although doing so will depend on the return you have programmed (the amount of money that is entered in the slot that must be returned in prizes and that is an amount set by an algorithm according to what the law indicates in the corresponding jurisdiction), we can reach the conclusion Quick that imposing the law of large numbers is not possible and that a slot player, even winning prizes regularly, will never make up for the losses with those winnings.

What happens is that the huge jackpots offered by real money slots have become great incentives for greater motivation among casino players to choose this game.

The first tip for making money playing slots is always to consciously choose to fight for a big progressive jackpot. In this way, we will be setting a goal, and we will not be playing to play, which is what we should avoid. Sitting in front of a slot just for being there guarantees that in the long run, we will end up losing.

The second and most important, the tip is to try to play with casino money most of the time. And it is that both in face-to-face casinos and above all in internet casinos, online casino promotions give us numerous opportunities to play with free bets or casino bonuses.

How To Roll The Dice To Win

It is possible to have a good time playing dice without knowing how to throw them. If it is your turn to rotate shooters around the table, you can always reject the shot because it is not mandatory. You can, in any case, tell the dealer that you pass, and he will move and offer the dice to the next shooter. However, most players want to roll dice when they have a chance.

When you’re on a hot streak that’s making money for just about everyone at the table, you’re a hero, and every move is applauded. There is no better feeling for a dice player. When the dice get cold, and the inevitable loss comes, there is no time to stop on them. It is the turn of a new shooter to try to change things.

In any case, shooting or throwing the dice is a job that is based on preparation and training. In fact, you should know that there are casino players who are able to launch certain combinations much more successfully. It is not the objective of this article that you become an expert in the tricks of blackjack, roulette, or craps, but that you have a decent dice throw and that you can help make your casino table much more dynamic. There is nothing more negative than encountering a clumsy thrower who slows down his throws to infinity by making basic mistakes and being unable to get the dice on the table.


As for the basic rules to keep in mind before launching to avoid dice errors, they would be the following, although the main one is that before throwing dice in a casino, some practice at home, this helps a lot to alleviate any anxiety that may have a beginner. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. a) You have to know how bets work and when it is your turn. And the dice are passed around the table live depending on the result of the pass line bet. Dozens of other bets are available, but the pass line is central to craps, and we’ve already covered them in our craps article. For example, in a multiroll bet that begins with a “roll-out.”
  2. b) The shooter must make a pass bet. If you don’t want to bet on the pass, the dice go to the next shooter. On the come-out roll, if the roll is 7 or 11, the pass bettors win.
  3. c) If the exit roll is 5. 6. 7, 8, 9, or 10. that number is designated as the “point.” The dealer flips a plastic disc aside labeled “on” and places it in the dot number box on the table. The shooter’s target now changes. To win, you must roll that point number again before rolling a 7. If you repeat the point number, all pass bettors win, but if you roll a seven first, all pass bettors lose.

Once the point is established, there are no other numbers, but seven and the point is important in deciding the pass bet. Other numbers could decide other bets that other players and we make, but the result of the pass bet depends on the shooter, the number of points, and 7.